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Wings for Dreams

We believe in dreams.

We all have them. Some of us want to become doctors. Or teachers. Successful businessmen. Others of us want to run a marathon. Or raise a family. What’s your dream?

Most of us have the confidence that with hard work and strong community support, we will eventually see our dreams become reality. But for millions of children living in the Middle East, their dreams remain elusive.

The brutal five-year war in Syria has left over 4 million people refugees – 2 million of whom are children – while the on-going threat of ISIS in Iraq has displaced over a million more. Their lives have been traumatically disrupted and far too many are not attending school. Many have not attended school in more than three years, falling so far behind they have lost hope of ever catching up. Without an education, what will become of their dreams?

They have lost their homes, their toys, their friends, their families, and ultimately, their country. Let’s make sure they don’t lose their dreams.

“Wings for Dreams” is an on-going fundraising campaign to support the education of Syrian and Iraqi refugee children whose dreams have been caught in the crossfire of war. Our focus is on supporting schools and educational initiatives operated by our partner organizations in Jordan. Through this campaign, we have funded operating expenses for schools serving refugee children, provided funds for parents to send their children to school, helped build a library for students at one of our partner schools, and given refugee children in northern Jordan a safe place to play through the building of a playground at their school.

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