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What would you do if you were forced to leave your home, your family, and your country behind?

For over 3 million Syrians, this is their heartbreaking reality. Road to Mafraq partners with grassroots organizations to promote relief, reconciliation, and development in conflict-affected areas of the Middle East.

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How do we help?

Basic Needs Assistance

Road to Mafraq seeks to identify, empower, and equip local grassroots organizations providing emergency relief aid to those affected by political and sectarian conflict in the Middle East.

We believe the programs on the ground in the region are the experts in how to best serve those in need. They have the language and cultural knowledge that allows them to develop strong personal relationships with the people impacted by crisis. We don’t believe in over-stepping their authority or re-inventing the wheel.

Many of these programs could have a tremendous impact if only they had more financial support to achieve their full potential. Through a rigorous and personal screening process, we identify outstanding grassroots movements and community-based organizations seeking to provide short-term humanitarian relief to those affected by violent conflict and develop long-term solutions to the community’s changing needs and demographic composition. Road to Mafraq serve as a fundraising mechanism through which to identify and channel funds directly to such programs.

Community Development

The rapid and mass influx of Syrian refugees has had a weighty impact on host communities in Jordan. We partner with organizations that look not only to provide immediate relief efforts, but also that recognize the long-term implications of such a migration. Sadly, many of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have flooded into Jordan will not be able to return to their home communities in Syria for years, if ever. We support programs developing schools and community centers to meet their growing, long-term needs.

Awareness & Empowerment

The long-term goal of RTM is to support initiatives that not only work with local populations to help foster peace, but also that help foreigners, particularly from “Western” nations, engage with people in the Middle East who are impacted by on-going conflict, helping to break down walls of mistrust and animosity toward the Middle East. As our program participants engage with people on a personal level, both at home and abroad, not only do their attitudes change, but also they join us as long-term partners and advocates, dedicated to promoting peace in this volatile region.


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